Available On Amazon In Kindle And Paperback Versions.

Available On Amazon In Kindle And Paperback Versions.

Chapter One

Dr. Jenna Harper had just arrived in town. She did not know anyone, and this was her chance for a new chapter in her life. She was not running away from anything, but felt like she was running towards something. Jenna grew up in a small town in the south where everyone knew each other. It was hard to get away with anything or keep any secrets in her hometown; not that she had any, but she was tired of all the gossip.

She grew up in a family with a mother and father who worked different shifts so they would not have to deal with their failing marriage. Her father was a hard worker and everyone loved him. He was the kind of guy who would do anything for anyone. Jenna’s mother was a hard worker also. She did her best to help provide for the family. Unfortunately, in the process, Jenna’s mother quickly found herself in debt. Jenna grew up knowing she wanted her life to be different. She wanted to go to college, have a successful career, stay out of debt, and hopefully…hopefully, find someone to spend the rest of her life with along the way.

Jenna studied hard, went to Duke University near her hometown, earned a spot in the cardiothoracic program at Yale University School of Medicine, and was on her way to becoming a successful cardiothoracic surgeon. She worked hard and graduated at the top of her class. Jenna had little time for a social life. She dated a few guys on and off, but nothing serious. She could not commit beyond a few dates with each guy no matter how handsome or nice they were.

Jenna was in town to temporarily replace one of the specialty surgeons who was out on medical leave at the hospital. She could easily picture herself living in this quaint picturesque New England town. The people were always nice and did not mind her slight southern accent. She was renting a small upstairs apartment from an elderly woman in the heart of downtown. She loved the fact she could walk to get groceries, walk to cafes and restaurants, and even walk to see a movie or concert. There were also many parks nearby for her to run. This one town to her was a charming fairytale that she would have never known existed if her temporary position had not brought her here, but she was glad it did.

After working at the hospital for a month, Jenna hoped the hospital would find a more permanent position for her. Summer was underway and she enjoyed the warmer weather, but she hoped she would get to at least experience the colorful leaf show New England is famous for before leaving if she had to. On a hot sweltering day in late August, the ER had become extremely busy and asked for extra help. Jenna jumped in to help. It had been a while since she had rotated through the ER, and she looked forward to taking care of some less critical patients for a change.

Near the end of her ER shift that day, a woman came in who had cut her finger while chopping vegetables for dinner. It was a small cut, but it was deep and needed stitches. Jenna quickly went over the patient’s chart. The patient’s name was Kristen Fletcher. Jenna pulled back the curtain of the small examining area to find a thin female with blond shoulder-length hair pulled back into a sporty ponytail, much like Jenna would wear her hair during her morning jogs.

Kris was startled and jumped when she heard the metal rings of the curtain as the doctor appeared. Kris looked up and smiled. She had never seen the doctor before. Kris was a local realtor in town, and she made it her business to know as many people as she could. She was really good at remembering names and faces, but she could not recall ever having met this woman before. Kris was sure she would have remembered her if she had ever been introduced. She thought the doctor was beautiful. She studied the doctor’s long dark hair, emerald-colored eyes, and thin physique.

“Hi Ms. Fletcher, I’m Dr. Harper,” Jenna said as she placed the chart down on the stand beside the hospital bed where Kris was sitting.

Kris was even more drawn to Jenna when she heard Jenna’s southern accent. Yes, she definitely knew this was a face she would never forget. Kris glanced down at the black nametag that read Jenna Harper, M.D. It was clipped to the white coat that was hindering Kris from completing the mental picture she was taking. Kris blushed and bit her lip as she commanded herself to stop gazing. “You can call me Kris.”

“Okay, Kris, it says on your chart that you cut your finger.” Jenna reached for a pair of gloves. “Let me take a look at it, and I will get you fixed right up and out of here as quickly as I can. I hope you didn’t have to wait too long.”

Kris flashed a nervous smile and held out her hand to Jenna who was sitting on the rolling stool in front of her. Kris tried to compose herself enough to relate the story of what happened. She told Jenna she had been in the process of chopping red bell peppers for salad to have with dinner when she accidentally cut her finger.

During the examination, Jenna noticed Kris was breathing a little faster than normal and seemed a little flushed. “Are you feeling okay? Let me know if you feel like you need to lie down.”

Kris tried to control it, but the longer she had to be in the same room with this gorgeous doctor, the faster her heart raced like it was going to leap out of her chest. Her face was still flushed. The only thing that could stop Kris from staring into Jenna’s eyes was watching Jenna’s lips as she spoke. She noticed Jenna was not wearing any makeup. Makeup would be a waste as far as she was concerned; Jenna was perfect without any.

Jenna moved closer to examine Kris’ finger better. Kris thought her heart was going to explode, it was pounding so hard now. She had no idea what Jenna was doing and did not care. Jenna was close enough for Kris to smell her perfume.

Jenna looked up to make sure Kris was still okay. She had seen tough guys pass out when it came to needles and stitches.

As Jenna looked up a strand of her long hair fell across her face. Kris almost instinctively tried to brush Jenna’s hair back, but thankfully Jenna had looked back down and did not notice Kris’ other hand moving towards her face. Kris was falling hard for this woman she just met. She had never felt this way after just meeting someone. What was it about Jenna that made her feel this way? Her heart was thumping fast, she felt warm and tingly all over, and she was completely unaware of her surroundings. She did not feel any pain at all and completely tuned out everything around her. At one point Kris’ knee brushed against Jenna’s leg, and it sent a warm tingling sensation up Kris’ spine.

Jenna told Kris the stitches should be taken out in seven to ten days and that she could come back to the ER or go to her doctor to get the stitches removed.

Kris smiled widely knowing this would mean she would see Jenna again. “I guess I will see you soon then,” Kris said. However, Jenna explained she normally does not work in the ER and that today was a rare exception. Kris’ heart sank. She had to see Jenna again somehow. Her mind raced as Jenna made notes on her chart. She thought she had found the perfect solution. “I noticed your lovely southern accent, did you move here recently?”

Jenna flashed a shy smile. “I have been here about a month. I am filling in for another surgeon who is out on medical leave.”

Kris seized the opportunity. “I don’t mean to pry, but I am a realtor and I can help you find a place to buy or rent if you are looking.”

Jenna explained that her position was only temporary at the moment, but she was hoping it would lead to a permanent position for her since she liked the area so much. She told Kris she was currently renting an upstairs apartment in town, but she would not mind Kris showing her some options in case it did become permanent.

Kris was excited she would get the opportunity to see Jenna again, but at the same time was saddened by the thought Jenna could leave town in a few months. She thanked Jenna for taking such good care of her. Kris took out one of her business cards and wrote her personal cell phone number and a message to call anytime.

“Here is my card. My cell phone number is on the back.” Kris handed the card to Jenna. “Please do not hesitate to call when you are ready to look at some places. I look forward to hearing from you soon Dr. Harper.”

“Thanks Kris. Please call me Jenna.” Jenna flipped the card over and looked at the number Kris had written. “I will definitely keep in touch. In the meantime, take care of yourself and no more visits to the ER.”

As Kris left, Jenna thought to herself how nice and friendly Kris was. Jenna did not really have any friends in the area, and she could see herself being friends with someone like Kris. Since Kris was a realtor, she would be able to show her around town. Jenna had been so busy working and trying to settle in, she had not yet had the time to meet anyone outside of work. She decided at that moment that she was going to make time to meet new people and explore all that the town had to offer. Jenna was determined to make this her new hometown and secure a position at the hospital no matter what it would take.

Chapter Two

Kris could not wait to tell her friends about her new crush. She felt like a schoolgirl all over again. Since Kris’ dinner was ruined with the trip to the ER, she decided to call some of her buddies to chat about what had just happened. She met with Jay, Erin, Liz, and Allie. Jay was a realtor Kris had met while closing on a home five years ago. Allie was Kris’ best friend. They had met in high school, and the two of them had no secrets. Erin and Liz were a lesbian couple who were Kris’ neighbors. Kris had rented her current house for two years now. These four people were Kris’ “go-to friends.”

Kris and her friends converged on their usual downtown hangout. Everyone wanted to know what had happened to Kris’ hand and why they were just now finding out about it. Kris quickly explained the events that led to her visit to the ER, and she flashed a wide mischievous grin. “While I was in the ER,” she stopped for a long dramatic pause, “I met my future soul mate.”

Everyone rolled their eyes and laughed. Kris had never used the term soul mate before. In fact, she always gave Erin and Liz a hard time for using mushy words to describe their relationship. Kris had never experienced true love before, and therefore to her it did not exist. Yet, she was asking her friends to believe she had met her soul mate, her true love, a few minutes ago.

They all had questions for Kris. What did her new girlfriend look like? What did she do for a living? What was her name? Where was she now and when could they meet her?

Kris tried to answer all their questions. “Her name is Dr. Jenna Harper. She is a surgeon and is probably at the hospital still. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on, and…she is not my girlfriend yet.”

Kris’ friends thought she had lost her mind. “Did you even ask her out on a date?” asked Allie.

Kris explained Jenna was in town temporarily, but would hopefully be staying. She told them she was hoping Jenna would call her to check out houses around town. The table erupted in good-humored laughter again and someone made a U-Haul joke.

Allie had never heard Kris talk so seriously about someone before and did not want to see her best friend get hurt. “That does not sound like a real date to me,” Allie said.

A look of concern came over Kris’ face. Jenna had not sent out any clues as to whether she was attracted to Kris or not. This woman she had just met was already sending Kris’ emotions on a roller coaster ride, up and down, up and down. She knew Jenna did not have a wedding band, and never once heard Jenna mention “we,” so she was sure she was single…but would she be available for her.

Chapter Three

The days came and went and Kris had not heard from Jenna. It was a Friday night and Kris was alone. She was bored and depressed. Everyone loved the weekends, but not Kris. Being a realtor meant she had to work the weekends sometimes, which was okay with her since she had no one to spend them with.

Kris laid down on the couch and listened to the rain as it hit the metal roof above her. She always found the sound of the rain drops soothing and relaxing. She closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep thinking about Jenna. She heard a knock at the door. She looked through the peephole and found Jenna standing on the porch. Kris opened the door quickly and pulled Jenna inside. Jenna’s clothes were soaked and clung to every seductive curve of her body. Jenna’s hair was wet with wild strands framing her beautiful face.

Kris could not understand why Jenna was standing in her house drenching wet. “You have to get out of those wet clothes before you get sick. How did you know where I lived?”

“Your address was in your file at the hospital. I saw it when I looked through your chart. Anyway, I got caught in the rain and I remembered you lived nearby. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have dropped by like this. The rain is slowing down now. I should go,” Jenna turned and reached for the doorknob.

Kris reached out and placed her hand on top of Jenna’s and stepped between Jenna and the door to block her from leaving. “No, don’t go. Please stay. It is still raining.”

“No, I should go. I’m dripping and getting your floor wet,” Jenna said with her hand still on the knob underneath Kris’ hand.

Kris tightened her fingers around Jenna’s hand. “It’s okay, it’s just tile right here. Stay and I will take you home when the rain stops.”

“Okay, if you insist,” Jenna said. She slid her hand out from underneath Kris’ and stepped closer towards Kris.

Kris was pinned between the door and Jenna, but she did not try to move. Her pulse quickened as Jenna inched closer. She swallowed hard and did not dare to blink. She gasped as she felt Jenna press her body against her. The moisture from Jenna’s wet clothes permeated through her own. Jenna’s lips grazed Kris’ neck underneath her jaw, and Kris leaned her head back hitting the door. She wrapped her hands around Jenna’s waist and pulled her hard against her. The sound of the rain was muffled against the sensation of her heart beating loud in her ears.

Kris wanted Jenna bad. She ran her hand up Jenna’s back and placed it behind Jenna’s head. She pulled Jenna in for a kiss, but Jenna’s lips lingered in front of hers. Jenna’s forehead rested against Kris’, and Jenna slid two fingers into the waistline of Kris’ jeans pulling her even closer. Kris looked into Jenna’s eyes and could not take it anymore, she had to have Jenna now.

Kris pushed Jenna against the adjacent wall and kissed Jenna hard drawing the breath out of Jenna’s lungs. She looked down and started unfastening the top buttons on Jenna’s shirt. Jenna tried to kiss her again, but Kris continued until she reached the last button. Then, she unbuttoned Jenna’s jeans and was working on the zipper when Jenna pushed her hands away. Jenna grabbed the bottom of Kris’ shirt and pulled it up over Kris’ head. Kris kissed Jenna again with her tongue pushing past Jenna’s lips. It felt like there was steam rising from Jenna’s breasts from the cool water evaporating off of Jenna’s hot skin. Her desire for Jenna was insatiable.

Kris had not realized Jenna had unbuckled her jeans until she felt Jenna’s hand slowly slide inside them. She moaned softly against Jenna’s neck. Suddenly, Kris heard what sounded like the doorbell and she jumped, which in turn caused her to wake up.

Kris awakened out of breath with her hand in her pants. It was not a doorbell she had heard, it was her cell phone. She picked it up, but did not recognize the number. “Hello,” Kris said trying to catch her breath.

“Hi Kris, this is Jenna. Is this a bad time? You sound out of breath.”

“Oh, Jenna. No, no, I was just exercising. It’s nice to hear from you.” It had been a week and Kris had almost given up hope she would ever hear from Jenna again. When she heard Jenna’s voice, she eagerly hopped back on the roller coaster of unrequited love again.

“How is my favorite patient?” Jenna asked.

Kris laughed. “I bet you say that to all of your patients.”

“Well, none of my other patients give me their number and tell me to call. Are you available this weekend to take me around to look at a few places?” Jenna asked.

Kris pumped her fist in the air and tried to contain her excitement. You bet I’m available. “I would love to. I am free this weekend, and I am all yours. I will have my assistant set up a few appointments tomorrow morning.”

They agreed to meet Saturday morning at Jenna’s apartment. Kris knew she would not get any sleep that night.

Kris met Jenna Saturday morning outside of the place Jenna was staying. She almost did not recognize Jenna without her white coat on from the hospital. Jenna was wearing a pair of faded low-rise blue jeans that hugged her curves in all the right places. Her simple white v-neck T-shirt exposed her thin graceful neck that made Kris want to caress it with her lips. Jenna’s clothes were not tight, but fit almost as if they were made just for her. Jenna had her hair down, and it was even more beautiful in the sunlight than Kris had remembered. Kris smiled as she had a flashback to her dream the night before.

No one would have ever known Jenna was a surgeon looking at her now. Jenna had always vowed to spend less than she earned. She was a saver. She did not want to live paycheck-to-paycheck like her parents. She made sure she always got a good deal. She planned on taking the same approach with the purchase of her first home.

Kris had spent most of the night searching for homes to show Jenna. She was still waiting on her assistant to confirm the appointment times, so she had a little extra time to kill. She asked Jenna if there were any homes around town she would be interested in so she could better figure out what style to focus on. Jenna really could not think of any, so they decided to walk around the neighborhood and take a look.

The weather was warm with a sight breeze. Kris enjoyed summer mornings like these, but was finding it hard to relax around Jenna. Jenna was her kryptonite. They took a leisurely stroll down the sidewalk and around the block towards one of the local coffee shops. Kris explained to Jenna she was still waiting on the confirmation of the appointments she had requested. Jenna smiled and said she was not in a hurry. She told Kris she had all day.

They chatted over their lattes about the town and how much Jenna loved staying downtown. Jenna once again expressed her desire to take up permanent residence as long as a position opened up for her at the hospital.  She had heard through one of the nurses that the surgeon she was covering for was thinking about retiring. Jenna was in a difficult spot because her lease was up at the end of the month, but she did not know how much longer she would be in town. The lady she was renting from only agreed to a two-month contract starting out because of Jenna’s situation, but now she wanted her to sign a one-year contract.

This bit of news surprised and delighted Kris. She had an extra bedroom available in the home she was renting and she was more than happy to offer it to Jenna. “Since you are still not sure about how long you will be here and your landlord is giving you an ultimatum, I might have a better solution. I have a spare bedroom at my place that you are welcome to use until you figure out your future plans.”

Jenna was ecstatic, but a little apprehensive. This woman she had just met and barely knew, was offering her a place to stay. She smiled at Kris. Being from a small town and from working with many patients, Jenna was a pretty good judge of character. She felt comfortable with Kris and really enjoyed having someone to talk to.

“Wow, thanks for the offer. Are you sure?” Jenna asked.

Kris nodded her head and took a sip of her latte hoping Jenna would accept.

“I would love to use the extra bedroom. It would be nice not having to worry about finding another place to stay while waiting to hear back from the hospital.”

Kris could not wait to tell Allie about Jenna moving in.

Jenna told Kris to let her know how much she wanted for the room. Kris threw her hand up in the air and waved it in a gesture to not worry about it. However, Jenna insisted.

Wow, Kris thought to herself, so much for baby steps. They had not went out on a date yet, and Jenna was already moving in with her. The U-Haul jokes her friends had made replayed in Kris’ head, and she silently giggled. Now, if she only knew if Jenna was a lesbian or not.

After Kris finally settled on accepting rent from Jenna, they decided to cancel the appointments for the day since Jenna had another temporary place to stay. They discussed what they should do now since they both had the entire day free.

They walked around town and went into a few shops. Jenna had been to most of them before, but Kris did show her a few hidden gems she had been unaware of. They ended up walking to one of the parks, which was full of people enjoying the last few weeks of summer. The entire time Kris had to hold herself back from prying into Jenna’s personal life. She wanted to ask Jenna if she was seeing anyone, and she was dying to know if Jenna was interested in women. Jenna was very friendly towards her, but she was not sending her any signals to let her know the attraction was mutual.

Jenna was really enjoying herself for the first time in a long time, longer than she could remember. She was having a great time with Kris who had so graciously offered her a place to stay. Kris was such a pleasure to be around and neither of them ever ran out of things to talk about. Her connection to Kris was growing stronger and stronger.

Jenna had plenty of friends in college and medical school, but she had to work hard at keeping them. They were always spending time with their boyfriends or constantly talking about their boyfriends, and she was always occupied with her course work and studying. Later in life, her friends went from being preoccupied with boyfriends to now having husbands and children as well as their own careers to deal with. They did not have any extra time to spend catching up with her, and frankly Jenna did not feel like she could relate to her friends any longer. One by one, each of her friends had drifted away until they were only exchanging an occasional holiday card.

Kris was different than all of her other friends. She was another independent career-driven woman that Jenna could easily identify with. This was only their second time meeting and everything with Kris was just so easy. Jenna did not find herself working hard to find things in common with her or things to talk about. Kris was about the same age as Jenna. She was also single or she would not have offered her spare bedroom so easily. Jenna felt there was something more to this connection, something that she had never had with anyone before.

There was an ice cream stand in the park, and Jenna insisted that Kris let her buy her some frozen yogurt. Kris was not known to ever turn down anything sweet so she agreed. Jenna ordered vanilla frozen yogurt in a cup and Kris ordered chocolate in a cone. They sat down on one of the park benches to people watch and enjoy their refreshing treats.

Kris watched as Jenna dipped her spoon into the creamy yogurt, flipped the spoon upside down onto her awaiting tongue, slowly pulled the spoon from her perfect lips, and made an overly exaggerated moan as if she had just quenched a deep down thirst. Jenna giggled and half-heartedly apologized for making a spectacle of herself. Kris smiled and nearly crushed the cone she was holding while waiting for Jenna’s next taste of decadent yogurt. Kris did not know it was possible for anyone to make eating frozen yogurt so sexy.

Kris’ frozen yogurt was starting to melt by now and had began to drip down the side of the cone. She had to catch the drips with her tongue before they fell any further since they had forgotten to grab napkins at the stand. Jenna laughed at Kris chasing the drips one by one and egged her on. Finally, Kris had gotten the colossal frozen yogurt meltdown under control and zoned in on the mound of yogurt on top of the cone.

Jenna found herself mesmerized watching Kris lick the frozen yogurt in perfect circles twisting the cone around until she had covered it from the bottom to the top. As if the temperature were not enough, it melted instantly on contact with Kris’ tongue until finally what was left disappeared behind Kris’ lips. Had it been so long since she had sex that she was getting turned on watching Kris? Jenna started to feel a little uncomfortable. She had never thought about women like that before, not that she had ever been against the idea, but why now? Why all of the sudden? Why did she feel this way watching Kris? Jenna cleared her mind and continued to finish her yogurt.

When Jenna looked back at Kris, she burst into laughter. Kris had yogurt on the tip of her chin. After feeling uncomfortable before, she was now laughing so hard she had tears in her eyes. Kris had no idea what was so hilarious, and Jenna could not stop laughing long enough to tell her. Instead, Jenna put her hand on Kris’ cheek and wiped the yogurt off using her thumb, which she placed between her lips and tasted.

What had only lasted a few brief moments seemed like an eternity to Kris. She felt Jenna’s soft, warm hand against her cheek and had no idea what was happening. When Jenna wiped the yogurt from her chin, Kris was a little embarrassed but got caught up in the contagiousness of Jenna’s laugh. She laughed with Jenna, but she was hooked now. She had to find a way to probe deeper into Jenna’s personal life without being obvious about it. Kris did not know how much longer she could hide her attraction from Jenna.

Jenna’s cell phone rang and it was the hospital. There was an emergency that came up that needed her attention. Jenna apologized to Kris for ending the tour so abruptly and told her she needed to get to the hospital to take care of a patient. They walked back to Jenna’s house.

Kris told Jenna to give her a call later, and she could stop by the house to talk more about the extra bedroom. Jenna thanked Kris for the tour and told Kris she would definitely give her a call soon.

Jenna’s emergency patient required more attention than she originally thought. It was touch and go for the remainder of the afternoon and into the night, so Jenna decided to crash on the couch in her office at the hospital. As she drifted off, the memories of Kris and the frozen yogurt flooded what was left of her consciousness. Jenna fell asleep with a smile on her lips.

Chapter Four

The next day Jenna called Kris to apologize once again for ending the day so abruptly.

“No worries” Kris told Jenna. “Why don’t you come over to my place tonight for dinner,” Kris said, “and you can check out the spare bedroom we discussed yesterday.”

“That sounds great,” Jenna replied.

They finalized their plans and Jenna decided she would take a quick nap. She laid down and closed her eyes. Once again, her semiconscious mind thought about Kris and how she had made her feel the day before.

Jenna only slept for what seemed like thirty minutes to her before awakening. She changed out of her hospital scrubs into a pair of short black spandex running shorts and matching sports top. Jenna loved to run. It gave her a chance to clear her mind, and she always felt better afterwards. She grabbed her phone, laced up her running shoes, and sprinted out the door. She definitely had a lot on her mind and looked forward to thinking things through during her run.

Kris called her neighbors Erin and Liz to tell them about meeting with Jenna the day before and to get their advice about what to do about dinner. The couple was happy for Kris, but stressed their concern about her not getting her hopes up about Jenna. After all, Jenna might not be open to dating women. Despite their efforts to bring Kris back into reality, Kris felt in her heart that things were going to work out in her favor.

Jenna was enjoying her run. This really is a nice town, she thought to herself. At a busy intersection she took the time to glance down at her watch. She thought her watch must have been broken because that could not possibly be the right time. According to her watch she was supposed to be at Kris’ house for dinner in fifteen minutes. She raced north towards her house to get in a quick shower before heading out.

Jenna arrived at Kris’ house five minutes late and once again found herself apologizing, this time for being late. She explained what had happened and hoped that Kris could forgive her.

“Don’t worry about it, I was just finishing up dinner,” Kris said.

Kris had opened the door to find Jenna standing on her doorstep with a bottle of wine. Jenna had her hair down and it was still wet from the quick shower, which Jenna had just told her about. It was almost like Kris’ dream a few days ago was coming true, except this time it was not a dream, which meant there would be no sex in the foyer. Jenna was wearing jeans again with a flattering royal blue button-up shirt. The top first few buttons were left unfastened exposing the soft, silky, smooth skin of Jenna’s chest. For a brief second, Kris imagined the rest of the buttons falling to the floor if she ripped the shirt off of Jenna like she wanted to.

Kris invited Jenna into her home. “I want you to meet my good friends who live next door.” She grabbed Jenna’s hand and guided her to the kitchen. “This is Erin and her wife Liz. They will be your neighbors if you decide to take me up on my offer.”



Available On Amazon In Kindle And Paperback Versions.

Available On Amazon In Kindle And Paperback Versions.


Lesbian Couple Life

Editing Jenna’s Closure With Scrivener

I am in the editing process of “Jenna’s Closure.”  I am so grateful and appreciative of everyone who has given my first book, “Jenna’s Awakening,” a chance. It still seems surreal to me that people from all over the United States and other countries (I love you UK) are reading “Jenna’s Awakening.”  I love the emails I have received, the reviews, and the contact on Facebook. It really keeps me going. Editing, rewriting, and everything else that goes along with the process after the story is written is time consuming and not as fun as the actual writing process, but you all keep pushing me through it.  I want to get the sequel out as fast as I can without compromising it with any grammar mistakes or words left out, etc.

The past two weeks have been a challenge for Mel and I.  My uncle was in the hospital 1,000 miles away. He had not eaten in 10 days and had developed sepsis.  He is stubborn and had to be dragged to the hospital by his sister.  They could not find where the infection was coming from and his kidneys had started to shut down.  It was really touch and go for a while and he was in the ICU, but they finally got things under control.  Thankfully, he is back home now.

On July 4, we had a tornado warning.  Radar had spotted a possible tornado near our house.  Come on, we moved to New Hampshire to escape the volatile storms and tornadoes of the South!  We had to grab our 2 cats and shove them in their carriers, grab the dog, and head down into the basement while the power flickered on and off and the wind howled outside.  Thankfully, it was just a storm that passed through and never developed into a tornado…but my iMac refused to turn on.  It is plugged into a UPS with battery backup, but apparently the battery had died.  I did have the forethought of using Crash Plan for years to back up everything on line, but that means having to re-download everything.  I also use Parallels for a few programs I use that require Windows, ugh, so having to set all that up on a different computer involved most of last weekend.

Lesbian Couple Life

Missy reading Jenna’s Awakening proof for the 1st time.

Please, make sure you back up all your important files and especially your photos…and get a reliable UPS.  I have now purchased this one at Amazon: CyberPower CP1500AVRLCD Intelligent LCD UPS 1500VA 900W AVR Mini-Tower. Mel is using it now on her iMac and it provides almost an hour of runtime once the power goes out. It has an LCD to tell you how much time you have left and a cable to safely shut down your computer if you are not there. I also purchased this one from Amazon for our cable modem and router: CyberPower CP750LCD Intelligent LCD UPS 750VA 420W Compact. It will provide almost 2 hours of wifi and internet now if the power goes out. They have more expensive ones if your computer requires pure sinewave technology. The one we purchased offers simulated sinewave and works fine with Mel’s iMac.

“Jenna’s Closure ” was safe the entire time.  I use Scriviner to write and back up everything to Crash Plan and Dropbox, so everyone, myself included, can breathe a sigh of relief now.

Lesbian Couple Life

Mel is not happy with me. I cut the limbs and it was her job to make them smaller.

We also had to trim up a few tree limbs that were touching the house. We just had a lot of work done a few weeks ago to repair and paint the exterior trim, so we want to do everything we can to keep that from happening again. We get heavy rain and wind with the occasional nor’easter here and that wreaks havoc to the wood siding and trim from the limbs and leaves thrashing against the house.

Back to editing!



Hampton Beach 2014 Sand Sculpting Competition

June 26, 2014

Missy and I couldn’t wait to check out the results of the beautiful sand sculpting artwork at Hampton Beach this past Monday.  It was pretty crowded.  We had to wait a little while to take some pics of the awesome designs among the crowd of onlookers at the beach.  It is one thing to actually […]

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June 20, 2014

For the past 4 days, we have been dealing with having the trim around our house repaired and painted.  Some of this work was supposed to be taken care of before we purchased it, but we were not able to verify it had been done before signing the papers since we were almost 1000 miles […]

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My Mother

June 9, 2014

Next month will be 11 years since my Mom passed away.  When I was younger, I was a huge tomboy.  I seriously hated being a girl. My favorite outfit was jeans, a plaid shirt, a green jean jacket, and cowboy boots.  I was always at my father’s side.  If he was working on a car, […]

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Updated List Of States Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal

June 2, 2014
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You Can Never Win If You Never Try

June 1, 2014

I never imagined I would have someone buy a book I had written, but I gave it a shot last week…and I am glad I gave it a shot. Jenna’s Awakening is now in the top 40 for lesbian romance! If I had never tried, I would have never known if I could sell any […]

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My First Novel

May 26, 2014

I am so exited to have published my first novel on Amazon. Jenna’s Awakening is the first book in the Dr. Jenna Harper series. It has already sold a few copies in the first hour! I am so thankful for everyone who has purchased it, and I hope they enjoy reading it as much as […]

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Finally Spring Is Here Almost

April 20, 2014

All the snow has finally melted in the seacoast of New Hampshire, but not before getting one last little snowfall in the middle of April.  Our little crocus bulbs were not too happy about that!  It’s now time to exchange the snow blower for the lawn mower.  The grass is slowly starting to green up […]

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States Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal

December 30, 2013
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