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Bird Suet From Scratch

Lesbian Couple Life

Bird Suet Cage

Missy and I love watching the birds that fill our backyard. One thing we didn’t like was paying the hefty price tag of the bird suet cakes, especially for the squirrel-proof suet cakes. We use a recipe that is much more affordable and easy to make. We wanted to share it. Sit back and watch the birds enjoy!

1 cup of crunchy peanut butter
1 cup of lard
2 cups of quick cook oats
2 cups of corn meal
1 cup of flour
1/3 cup of sugar
2 tablespoons of ground cayenne red pepper

Medium-sized microwave safe bowl
2 measuring cups (1 for the dry ingredients and a separate 1 for the wet ingredients)
2 tablespoons
2 containers to store your suet (we use ziplock containers)
Suet cage to hang outside

Lesbian Couple Life

Peanut Butter And Lard

Melt the peanut butter and lard in the microwave in a microwave safe bowl for 1 minute. Add the remaining ingredients and allow to cool before shaping them and dividing them into your containers.

As a side note you can also use plain bread crumbs, left over bread, etc., just leave off the quick oats and you are all set.

Lesbian Couple Life

Suet Container

We usually feed the birds twice a day and place the suet in the suet cage. We like to put out a little twice a day to make sure they finish it before the evening since we don’t want to encourage any bears. The hot cayenne red pepper has helped keep the majority of the pesky squirrels off of the suet to allow the birds to enjoy their feast. The squirrels still manage to eat the seed from the bird feeder, but that is a whole other issue!




Snowmageddon 2015

The Calm Before The Storm

The Calm Before The Storm

Snowmageddon 2015 has come and gone…or has it? At our house, it came and never left. We received almost 31 inches during that storm, an additional 2 feet the next week, a few more inches here and there, and we are preparing for another 2 feet over the next 36 hours. Really Mother Nature? Can you give New England a break? Southern New Hampshire, where we live, has really been hit hard these past few weeks. How is it that the snow plows always know when we have just finished shoveling? The snow plow wall at the end of our driveway was above our waists for the major blizzard we had that started all this.

Waist Deep Snow

Waist-Deep Snow

Since then, the snow banks have taken over our yard and are over 6-7 feet in some places already…so where are we going to put an additional 2 feet? A lot of it is fine powder, so it blows right back at your face and into the driveway and sidewalk or tumbles down the walls of the snow banks like an avalanche. I know, I know, blow the snow in the direction the wind is blowing, not against it. Problem is that puts me blowing in the direction of a tiny strip of land that sits between our driveway and our neighbor’s driveway.  Lesson learned – for the next house figure out which direction the wind blows and never, ever buy a house on the side that has a sidewalk if you can help it!  Or….just move south!

Missy Redstone


Inspirational Quotes









Sexual Orientation Labels

Forget Labels

Forget Labels

Labels don’t define who you are. Males and females are not labels, they are people. Lesbian, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender, etc., are all labels placed upon us by those trying to define who we are. It makes some people comfortable to classify others into nice, neat little packages, aka stereotypes.

We label things in our day-to-day life to organize and keep things separate. Is that what we want? Do we want to be classified and separated from each other by labels? Those of us within these “labels” are guilty of it also. How many times have you heard from someone who is gay or straight that there is no such thing as being a bisexual? Why do we continue to perpetuate these labels amongst ourselves? Sure, you may not understand one label versus the others, but that only means whatever that label means to you is not something you want for yourself.

I’ve heard from some people that they are confused. They feel forced to choose a label to describe who they are. They look for things that they do and try and see how those things fit into the stereotypical categories, thinking whichever category has the most things in common with them is where they belong.

It’s not about what you do, how you act, or what you wear; it’s about who you want to do those things with, who you want to live with, who you want to be with and love. Look to others for advice, not for a definition of who you are. No one can tell you who you should love, that’s up to you. Maybe, for you that depends on the person, for others it depends on the gender.

The point is, you have to decide who you are and not worry about labels. Worrying about labels and what they mean is a distraction from becoming who you want to be. Bullies and some adults use labels as a tactic to demoralize those who are different from them. They react to that difference as fear. People fear the unknown and unfamiliar. That’s why it is so important for you and everyone else to be who they are and embrace it so it becomes more familiar. You can’t change everyone’s mind, but you just might make a difference in the life of someone who is standing in the same self-doubt and confusion you have experienced before.

Our Wedding Rings

Our Wedding Rings

Time’s are changing and we are all constantly evolving, exploring, learning new things. When I met my wife there was no such thing as same-sex marriage. It took us years of watching friends and relatives get married and have automatic rights and recognition granted to them from one simple piece of paper, until finally we were able to move to NH and get married. Now we have two anniversaries sixteen years apart, sixteen years of society and the government denying our love for each other because of our gender. How screwed up is that, to deny basic freedom and rights to us because we were two women in love?

Be who you are, screw labels, and let everyone else deal with it. Go live your life!

Missy Redstone


First Time Christmas Cougar Sample

First Time Christmas Cougar

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Cynthia is surprised when a very young Mrs. Claus (aka Tricia) shows up at her door unannounced with her bag of tricks. Tricia is determined to make this one Christmas Eve Cynthia will never forget. What happens when Tricia tries her best to entice the Cougar to play?

Cynthia picked up her ringing cellphone from the table. She knew it was her girlfriends begging her to join them for a fun night out on the town, but she wasn’t ready to let go of the past just yet. “Hello?”

“Cynthia, is that you?”

“Yes, Linda, it’s me. I can hardly hear you. Speak up. Are you drunk? Where are you?”

“Sorry, the music is loud. Are you coming out tonight to join us?”

“No, I really don’t feel like it. I’m not really in the partying mood.”

“We really want you to come out with us and have some fun. It’s been way too long since you let loose and hung out with us.”

“Nah, I’m good. You ladies have fun.”

“Are you sure? There are some hot young naughty girls that would love to dance and party with you.”

“Yeah right, I’m sure they are all lined up to meet me.”

“Well, suit yourself. Merry Christmas, Cynthia. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Merry Christmas to you too. Say hi to the ladies for me.”

“Okay, sweetheart. Bye, bye.”

Cynthia was stuck in the past and not ready to date or begin another relationship. Her ex-girlfriend, Sue, broke her heart when she decided to cheat on her with a younger woman in her early twenties, and it devastated Cynthia. They had been together six years. She knew she needed to get out and get on with her life, but she was so fearful of rejection and getting hurt again. She decided the best way to handle things was just to avoid all social situations and work on herself and focus on the positive, at least that was what her therapist told her.

Her phone buzzed with a text from Linda. “Donna just hooked up with a young hottie. We are definitely the cougars in here!

Cynthia responded, “Ha, ha.” She sighed and threw the phone down on the couch. She got up and slipped into a tank top and cut-off shorts and grabbed a water bottle out of the refrigerator on her way back to the living room. This was her comfort zone, and she was fine staying right here. She was going to keep her mind focused on staying strong on the outside even if she was a thirty-nine-year-old mess on the inside.

She placed her weightlifting DVD in the player and hit the play button, but was interrupted by the door bell. “Damn it, Linda. Is that you? I told you I’m not going out tonight.” Cynthia jerked the door wide open and her pissed off flushed face turned into a wide-eyed puzzled stare. “Who the hell are you?”

Cynthia was faced with the most gorgeous, sexy, brunette woman she had ever seen. She bit her lip and blushed at the site of beautiful full red lips, ocean-blue eyes, and long flowing locks of warm brunette bliss. Her eyes drifted down to the voluptuous cleavage encased in a red push-up bra. She realized the woman was wearing a sexy one-piece red satin coat trimmed in white fur that looked like a Mrs. Claus outfit.

“Wow, that wasn’t the reaction I was hoping for,” the stranger said. The sexy woman looked to be in her late teens to early twenties at most, young enough to get carded at any bar.


First Time Christmas Cougar

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Garage Fun Sample

Garage Fun

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Through a chance encounter, Catie runs into Denise, the older woman who took care of her twenty years ago. Denise was her first crush, the one Catie never got over. Could this be Catie’s opportunity to learn a thing or two from the cougar? It all unfolds in the garage where the two women give in to their undeniable attraction in this steamy, hot lesbian erotica.

Catie pulled into her mother’s driveway, and cursed when she saw an unfamiliar blue sedan parked beside her mother’s car. She had rearranged her day to help her mother organize her garage, so why in the hell did her mother invite company over to slow things down? Her eyes narrowed and she bit her lip as she shook her head. Her face flushed and she pounded the steering wheel. How could her mother invite someone over when she had taken time out to do her a favor? Catie took a few deep breaths in and out to calm herself down before heading inside. She was already here, so she at least owed her mother that much. She slammed her car door and armed her car. She hoped that the obnoxious noise of her car horn would embarrass her mother and end the conversation with her visitor.

Catie reached the bottom step when her mother threw open the front door. “Catie, you’re here early. What a nice surprise.” She put her arm around Catie giving her a hug. Her cheek felt the warmth of Catie’s temper tantrum. She put the back of her hand up to Catie’s forehead. “Do you feel okay? You feel warm, baby.”

Catie’s head was going to explode. She took another deep breath. “I’m okay. I told you I was coming by around eleven to eleven thirty this morning to help you out.” She glared at her mother with one eyebrow raised and chewed her lip wanting to know who the visitor was.

“Oh, you’re right. I must’ve lost track of time. Well I’m glad you’re here now.”

“I’m fine, Mom. Who’s car is…?” Before she had a chance to finish her thoughts, out came a gorgeous woman with electrifying blonde hair and deep dark brown eyes. Her long flowing hair was pulled back into ponytail. She looked to be somewhere between her and her mother’s age, possibly pushing 40. She was beautiful and sexy, but she looked familiar. Catie’s thoughts turned from fantasy to confused as she pondered who the woman was and what she was doing here. What the hell are you doing with my mother? I can find so many ways to keep you entertained.

Catie’s pulse raced at the sight of the vixen with full sexy lips begging to be kissed and sucked. She couldn’t help but let her eyes drift down to the tight-fitting cranberry sweater that did little to hide the voluptuous curves beneath it. Catie’s gaze lowered further taking in her curvaceous hips hugged by a seductive black leather skirt. Catie was captivated by her beauty whoever she was. She pictured undressing the stranger and having her way with her. The air was cool, but she was burning up with desire.

“Catie, honey. You remember Denise, don’t you?” her mother asked.

At the sound of her name, Catie’s jaw dropped and her eyes widened. Perspiration trickled down the small of her back. Flashbacks of her sexy babysitter, her first crush, when she was eight years old overtook her consciousness. Denise reinforced for Catie that she would never like boys. She also remembered Denise’s girlfriend and the things she watched them do to each other when they thought she had went to bed. Damn, Denise was even hotter than she remembered and sexier than she could have ever imagined. She aged well…very, very well. This wasn’t really the ideal place for the type of reunion Catie wanted.



Garage Fun

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Green With Desire Two Sample

Green With Desire

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited

In Book Two of the Green With Desire series, the escalation of sexual tension in Book One comes to a peak as you meet your crush for the first time. Your secret admirer arrives at your place ready and eager to finally make her fantasies become a reality. The night unfolds into a display of pure raw passion and lust as the two of you discover how to satisfy each other in ways you never knew possible. The chemistry is instant and the attraction is intense in this hot lesbian short story where you are the center of attention.

Can you handle it? Will this be a one-night stand or something more?

I still can’t believe this is happening. We are going to meet. You have no idea how nervous I am. There has been so much anticipation and build up. The chemistry I felt between us when you came up behind me today was electrifying. Feeling your breath against my neck made it hard for me to concentrate on my on breathing. Who has to remind themselves to breathe? The way my body responded to you being close was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I couldn’t get any work done today. I was too busy thinking about tonight.

I knocked on your door at seven sharp. I didn’t want to arrive too early and I didn’t want to be late either, so I went for punctual. Standing outside your door, I second-guessed my outfit. After going through everything in my closet and trying everything on several times, I settled on a black miniskirt that fit me perfectly and a black loose fitting crop top with spaghetti straps. It’s what I like to call classy with a hint of sexiness. I knocked on your door and cursed as the strap on my arm slipped down for the hundredth time.

I stood back and was busy pulling the strap back up onto my shoulder when I heard the door open. You must have been waiting for me because I literally only had time to count to three before I looked up to see you standing in the doorway. We stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity. Your eyes followed my hand as I nudged the stubborn spaghetti strap back in place on my shoulder. I watched as your eyes followed the natural curve of my collarbone and across my chest. Your gaze lingered on my breasts before dipping to the thin strip of my exposed abdomen between the top of my skirt and the bottom of my top. I shifted as your eyes lowered further to take in my miniskirt. I won’t lie, I flexed the muscles in my legs as I changed my position just to give you something else to stare at.

“Hi, I’m Kylie,” I say. I can’t believe I managed to string a few words together without my voice crackling.

Your gaze snaps back up to my face, and I see that trademark smile of yours. “Kylie? That’s much better than the nickname I had given you. Come in, Kylie.”

I cross the threshold hoping to leave my nerves outside, but no such luck. “Nickname, huh? What’s my nickname?”

You close the door and lean back against it with your hands behind your back. “Hmm. I don’t think I should tell you.”

“Okay. You don’t have to tell me now, but I’ll get it out of you sooner or later.” My heart pounds seeing you standing before me with your shoulders supporting yourself against the door. Is that an invitation, I wonder. You are wearing jeans and a white button up blouse just like you were in the dream I told you about. The sleeves are loosely rolled back midway up your forearms. “So, will you at least tell me your name?”

Propelling yourself away from the door you open your mouth to say something, but you tighten your lips instead and shake your head. “Tell you what, would you like me to tell you the nickname I gave you or would you rather me tell you my name?”

“Oh, that’s an easy one. I’d rather know your name. I want to know everything about you. Like I said before, I’ll find out the nickname one way or the other.”

“Really? You sound pretty confident about that.”

“I know you’ll tell me. In fact, I’m willing to bet you will tell me before this night is over.”

You squint your eyes at me and tilt your head to the side like you’re contemplating something. You begin slowly walking towards me like a cat about to pounce on its prey. I hold my breath not knowing what is going to happen next. Disappointment washes over me as you walk past me brushing against my shoulder. I expected more contact. I needed more contact. Just as I was about to turn to follow you, you turned back towards me and whispered your name in my ear and walked off.

I followed behind you taking in the sight of your ass in those jeans. My mind flashed through all the times I had seen you before, but I couldn’t remember seeing them before. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing that shirt before either. “Did you buy that outfit for me?”

You push your sleeves up further as you lean over to stir something in a pot on the stove ignoring my question. I came up behind you to see what you were cooking. It smelled delicious and threatened to make my stomach growl. I placed my hands on your hips and peeked over your shoulder. My cheek brushed against your ear. “Mmm, looks delicious.” I purred in your ear. I felt you take in a deep breath and push against me slightly.

“I hope you like spaghetti.”

“I love to eat anything Italian. Are you Italian?”

You turn around to face me and I leave my hands resting loosely on your hips. “Did you really just say that?” You lowered your head and laughed.



Green With Desire

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited


Green With Desire Book One Sample

Green With Desire

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited

Ever met someone that you felt an instant attraction to without saying a word? Imagine you catch the attention of a mysterious woman who finds you incredibly sexy and alluring, and she reaches out to you. You are the star of her fantasy and steamy crush.

This hot lesbian short story is about the letters she writes to you. Her confessions, her dreams, and fantasies. Are you curious about what role you play in her desires?

I have never done anything like this before. This is all new to me. First, let me say I’m not crazy and I’m not a stalker. I know beauty when I see it and something about the vibe you put off draws me to you. We see each other several times a week, but we have never spoken. I have admired you from afar, but I know very little about you. Hell, you may have a boyfriend…or a girlfriend…or you may be married. Maybe I am a little crazy because the thought of you with someone else breaks my heart.

We keep crossing paths like fate is pushing us together, holding its breath while we dance around each other not knowing the other one exists. It’s amazing what you see when you stop and look around you. You might find repeating patterns, random things that aren’t that random; people that you have never met, yet keep seeing.

I love your hair and your smile. God, those lips and the way you bite down on your bottom lip while you are in deep thought. I imagine you are doing it now as you read this. Your smile and your laughter are contagious. I don’t think you are aware of the impact you have on everyone around you. I have caught others appreciating you, but you are always oblivious to it. I have seen how kind you are to others and how you don’t like a lot of attention. You are modest, but you are beautiful and sexy without even trying.

I have noticed you for a while, but more and more I have found myself looking for you where our paths crossed. Then, one day we bumped into each other on accident. You had no idea who you had bumped into surrounded by several people, but still you apologized to no one in particular. That was the first time I heard your sweet voice.

I hope you are not freaking out reading this right now. I have only seen you in public places, never in your own personal space. I don’t know anything about your personal life, which I find alluring. You are a mystery to me. I don’t even know if you are single or if you are madly in love with someone. If the latter is true, I wish you both all the happiness in the world. Forget you ever read this and never give me a second thought. But if…if you are available and you are intrigued by who your secret admirer is, I am more than willing to expose myself to you. Okay, I didn’t mean it like that. Get your mind out of the gutter.

If you are still reading, know that I’m smiling right now knowing that there is a chance we might meet and get to know more about each other. If you want me to continue writing you, wear green this week, even a simple green scarf is fine. You have to wear something green every day to make sure the day our paths cross, I will have a chance to see it. If you are not interested in continuing the suspense, you are free to wear any color but green.

The ball is in your court now. You have all the power. You have always had the power.

I can’t believe you wore green! The first day my heart skipped a beat when I saw you wearing green, but my brain kicked in. What if you never read what I wrote and you wore green as a coincidence? What if you didn’t finish reading to the end and had no idea what effect seeing you in green would have on me?

But then a few days later when I caught a glimpse of green in my periphery, I knew there was nothing coincidental about it. I never would have listed green near the top of my list of favorite colors, but you may have changed my mind. You were so creative too.

Any doubt I had was quickly erased watching as you scanned everyone around you trying to figure out who I was. I got a thrill out of it, that is until your gaze singled me out. I tried to remain calm even though every muscle in my body tensed and the heat rising in my face threatened to give me away. The moment passed and you turned to train your eyes on some other unsuspecting stranger.

I could have reached out and ended the whole mystery then and there. In fact, my hand almost betrayed me as I found myself reaching to tap you on the shoulder as you turned away from me. Instead, I turned my back and increased the distance between us. That is the closest we have been since bumping into each other. Even as I struggled to keep myself from glancing back over my shoulder to see you again, I continued to wonder if I should approach you. I played out the scenario in my head…what your reaction would be…where would this happenstance would lead us…but in the end I couldn’t.

I’m not shy. I have no problem approaching someone I’m  interested in, but you are different. I can’t explain it. I can’t put my finger on it or label it, but you have captivated my attention. I know your warning bells are probably going off in your head like a loud alarm making it hard for you to process what I’m saying, but I promise it’s not like that. I’m not like that.

Hell, I should be blaming you. Did you cast some kind of spell on me to draw me to you out of all the people I see and interact with every day? See what you have done to me? I’m babbling about things that don’t make sense. Anyway, I like the suspense and mystery thing we have going. It keeps things interesting, but if you want to end this, whatever this is, you can. Like I said earlier, you have the power. You can end this forever or you can tell me to reveal myself. If you want me to leave you alone, wear a bright yellow shirt, which I’m sure you can get away with since you look good in everything. You have my word if I ever see you in a bright  yellow top, you will never hear from me again. If you decide you want to end the mystery and meet, then wear green again with a blue bracelet, any type of bracelet…the bigger the better so there is no mistaking that you are ready to meet.



Green With Desire

Available Free On Amazon Kindle Unlimited


October Update

Lesbian Couple Life

Lake Massabesic

I am so grateful for the positive response I have received from those who have enjoyed reading Jenna’s Awakening and Jenna’s Closure. I have a few ideas about the upcoming third book in the series that I hope to have out in 2015. In the meantime, I’m busy writing and making outlines for other upcoming books.

My wife and I have also spent a few weekends driving around New Hampshire leaf peeping. This is our 2nd fall here, and it was definitely more colorful in some places more so than others compared to last year. We tried the Kancamagus Highway, but unfortunately we did not time it right. Last weekend we explored around Manchester and hit the jackpot of fall color around Dorr Pond in Livingston Park. We spent hours there taking in all the beauty around us. After grabbing lunch, we drove to Lake Massabesic. Not as much color there, although a few colors popped near the edge of the lake making a spectacular background for the sailboats. We enjoyed walking the trails working off our lunch.

Lesbian Couple Life

Lake Massabesic

We have been busy also squeezing in outdoor fall cleanup. I am not looking forward to trading the lawn mower for the snow blower soon, but I am looking forward to seeing the snow blanketing the pines and bare trees surrounding our back yard. I drove my wife crazy last night with the fan in the window. She thought just because it dropped down to 33 degrees last night that we didn’t need the window open, much less the fan. I love sleeping with it cool in the room. You would never know I am the one from the South in our marriage. So, I compromised just like anyone in a strong relationship does; we slept with the fan in the window on low instead of high! She had on pajama pants, a tank top, a T-shirt, and socks with the covers up to her chin. I slept like a baby in a tank top and shorts. My theory has always been you can always cover up more if you’re cold, but if you’re hot you are miserable. Not sure Mel agrees with me on that one, but it has worked for us so far. By the time I hit menopause, I’m sure she will have me sleeping outside to cool off.

Lesbian Couple Life

Dorr Pond

I think an apple cider donut and a cup of coffee are calling my name (or maybe I’m calling their name), and then time to get some more writing done!



Jenna’s Closure Free Sample


Lesbian Couple Life

Available On Amazon In Kindle Unlimited And Paperback Versions

“Jenna’s Closure” is the second book in the series, but can be read as a standalone book.

“Jenna’s Closure” is Book Two of the Dr. Jenna Harper Series, which picks up the pace with added suspense and continues where “Jenna’s Awakening,” Book One, left off.

Dr. Jenna Harper thought she had finally found happiness. She had permanently settled down with a secure position at the hospital. She had purchased her first home, which she was sharing with the love of her life. Who knew one leisurely trip to the beach could turn her life upside down?

Will Jenna’s new relationship be able to survive a brush with fame, forbidden temptations, and someone determined to tear it apart? Sometimes people change, but it isn’t always for the better. Jenna’s future depends on the events and actions of that one day, which will have a lasting impact on the rest of her life. It all comes down to one day and the chain of events that ensue. Not everyone gets to enjoy a fairytale ending.

Chapter One


Jenna sat up and slipped her shirt and pants back on. She hated telling the story behind her tattoo. It was a deeply personal and private story that she had kept a secret since the day she got it. She remembered the pain of having the ink permanently etched into her skin, but that was nothing compared to the emotions and history behind it. Jenna stood up and walked across to the couch. She sat down and covered her face with her hands. She spent years trying to deal with what had happened, but she could never forget.

Kris watched as Jenna buried her head in her hands. It looked like Jenna was trying to stall an explanation. Jenna took a deep breath in and exhaled slowly. Kris’s heart melted as Jenna looked up at her with tears in her eyes.

Kris wanted to wrap her arms around Jenna and tell her everything was going to be alright, but she was hurt also. Had Jenna been lying to her all this time about never loving another woman before? Why else would she have another woman’s name with a heart tattooed on her back?

Jenna didn’t know where to start. She reached out to grab Kris’s hand, but Kris pulled away from her grasp.

As much as it hurt Kris to see Jenna upset, Kris wanted answers. She stared into Jenna’s eyes and finally asked, “Who is Kim?”

Jenna winced as Kris said Kim’s name. She summoned up her strength and calmly put her hands on her lap. The sound of her heart pounding in her ears was deafening. It felt like the room was getting hotter, as her palms began to sweat. Jenna took another deep breath and answered with a crackling voice, “My sister.”

Kris was relieved to hear it wasn’t a long lost lover, but she was confused. Jenna had never mentioned having a sister before. In fact, she had never talked about her family much. She knew Jenna wasn’t that close to them, but as far as she knew Jenna didn’t have any brothers or sisters.

Jenna waited for Kris to say something, but instead Kris was silent. Jenna reached for Kris’s hand again; this time Kris didn’t pull away.

Kris sat on the edge of the coffee table across from Jenna and clasped her hands around Jenna’s. She could sense Jenna was about to tell her something painful. Kris was still trying to wrap her head around the fact that Jenna had a sister that she had never spoken of. A tear streaked down Jenna’s face and landed in a hot splash on Kris’s hand. Finally, Kris broke the silence. “You have a sister?”

Jenna’s lips trembled as she began to speak. “Her name was Kimberly, but I called her Kim. Everyone else in the family called her Kimmie.” Jenna paused as a smile formed on her face.

Kris squeezed Jenna’s hands beneath her own encouraging Jenna to continue. She watched as Jenna’s eyes lit up talking about her sister. Kris was still confused. Thoughts continued to race inside her head. Why did Jenna say her name WAS Kimberly? Kris’s heart sank. She realized something must have happened to Jenna’s sister. Kris tried to keep the story going. “Are you the younger sister or the older sister?”

“We were twins,” Jenna replied.

Kris couldn’t believe Jenna had never mentioned having a sister before, especially a twin. Kris still used the present tense when referring to Jenna’s sister, even though Jenna kept referring to her in the past tense. “Does she look like you?”

Jenna’s smile widened. “We were identical twins.”

Kris’s jaw dropped. “What? Are you kidding me?”

Jenna shook her head. “Even our parents had a difficult time telling us apart. Kim had a birthmark on her lower back and I didn’t.” Jenna ran her hand over the spot on her back where her tattoo was. “It was in the same spot where I put my tattoo.”

Kris leaned in towards Jenna. “Tell me more about her.”

“We were best friends and we were inseparable.” Jenna’s smile faded, as the painful memories overtook the happy ones. “When we were seven years old we were playing in an empty field near our house. We never felt we’d be in any danger there. Our town was so small and everyone knew each other.” Jenna bit her trembling lip, composed herself, and continued. “We were playing with one of those red rubber balls that bounce high like the ones we had at school. Kim had kicked it pretty far and it landed underneath the only holly bush in the entire field near a tall oak tree.”

Jenna’s heart pounded inside her chest. “I cursed as I ran to get the ball. I was so worried about the thorns puncturing our new ball.”

Kris could feel Jenna’s hands sweating beneath hers.

“Just as I crawled under the bush, I heard Kim scream. I flipped over and sat up quickly scratching my face pretty bad on the prickly leaves. Blood ran down my forehead and into my eyes. I called out to Kim, but she just continued to scream.”

Jenna looked up at Kris as the tears silently trickled down her ruddy cheeks. “Blood and tears covered my eyes like a veil, but I could see Kim being dragged into a dark-colored station wagon. She was kicking and screaming trying to get away, but there were two of them. I ran as fast as I could to help her, but they sped off leaving nothing but a cloud of dirt kicked up beneath their spinning tires.”

Jenna collapsed into a sobbing mess on Kris’s shoulder. Kris held Jenna tightly. She felt her own tears run down her cheeks. She had no idea Jenna had ever experienced such a tragedy. Her mind raced, as Jenna’s sobs slowed enough for Jenna to catch her breath. Kris reached for a tissue and handed it to Jenna. “I’m so sorry, Jenna, I had no idea.”

Jenna wiped the remaining tears from her eyes and cheeks. “No, I’m sorry. This day was perfect. I didn’t want it to end like this.”

Kris used her thumb to catch a tear that was about to drip off of Jenna’s trembling chin. “Why didn’t you tell me any of this before?”

Jenna sat back on the couch. “It’s not something I like to think about, much less talk about.”

Kris took a deep breath and gathered up the courage to ask Jenna, even though she wasn’t sure if she was prepared for the answer, “Did you ever find Kim?”

Jenna shook her head. “We held out hope for years, but there were never any leads. It was like she vanished into thin air. My parents don’t want to assume anything, so we never talk about it. Hell, we hardly talk at all.”

It was a lot of information for Kris to take in all at once. Jenna was so perfect. Kris couldn’t believe the painful secret she had been hiding. All Kris could do was wrap her arms around Jenna and hope there were no other secrets.

Chapter Two


The following morning Jenna opened her eyes to find Kris lying in bed beside her. She had awakened in a panic hoping it hadn’t been just another dream. Jenna smiled as she felt contentment in her new bedroom with the woman she had fallen in love with. She was so happy everything had worked out, and she couldn’t wait to see what the future held for them together.

Kris was sleeping on her back with one arm resting on the pillow above her head. The plush white blanket and silky satin sheet draped across her body just below her waist. Kris’s tight abdomen was visible from beneath the light gray tank top that belonged to Jenna.

Kris’s eyes fluttered open to find Jenna watching her. She smiled and stretched her arms and legs as far as she could reach causing the covers to shift down further and her top to rise up higher. “Good morning.”

Jenna lowered herself and kissed Kris’s stomach. Her hands tickled Kris’s sides as they made their way underneath Kris’s shirt. She felt Kris’s nipples stiffen beneath her fingertips as Kris arched her back. “Good morning to you, beautiful.”

Kris let her eyes flutter before shutting them again. She melted under Jenna’s touch. “What are you doing?”

Jenna raised up lifting her shirt above her head in a slow tease before throwing it onto the floor. “I think you know exactly what I’m doing.”

Kris sat up and kissed Jenna’s neck as she pulled her closer. “I’m going to have my hands full with you.”

Jenna lifted Kris’s shirt and tossed it in the air. She took Kris’s head in her hands kissing her with a burning desire as she guided her back down to the bed. She felt a fever building up within her spurred by the now familiar sensation of having a woman’s body beneath her.

Kris ran her hands down Jenna’s back until she met the waistband of Jenna’s shorts. Her fingers didn’t linger long before slipping underneath until they met Jenna’s perfect ass. She squeezed a handful in each hand. “I told you I would have my hands full.”

Jenna smirked and placed her hands on Kris’s breasts. “Looks like you are quite the handful yourself.”

Kris pinched Jenna before flipping her over so that she was the one on top now. As she straddled Jenna’s thighs, she looked down and smiled. “You are so beautiful. How did I get so lucky?”

Jenna felt tears well up behind her eyes. It was the first time someone made her feel like the words were true. “I’m the lucky one.” She wanted to say more, but that’s all she could manage without getting emotional and spoiling the moment. They would have the rest of their lives together for her to show and tell Kris how she felt.

Kris lowered herself and whispered in Jenna’s ear, “We’ll have to agree to disagree.” She silenced Jenna with a steamy kiss before she had a chance to respond.

Jenna broke free and grabbed at Kris’s shorts. “You won’t be needing these for what I have in mind.”

Kris kissed Jenna’s neck before responding. “And just what is in that naughty mind of yours?”

Jenna slid her hand inside of Kris’s waistband and smiled up at Kris. “Well, it feels like you’re thinking the same thing.”

Kris spread her legs further apart. She leaned down and rested her head on Jenna’s shoulder. “Is that your professional diagnosis doctor?”

Jenna felt Kris’s hot breath against the side of her neck. It made the ache between her legs intensify. “Well, that isn’t my final diagnosis yet. I need a little more time to explore your symptoms.”

Kris raised her head and focused on Jenna’s face. Her heart raced. She could feel her pulse thumping hard against her neck like it was trying to escape. Jenna’s dilated pupils swept from her eyes to her lips.

Jenna slid her hands up to Kris’s dangling breasts. Her fingertips caressed Kris’s taut nipples. She couldn’t contain her burning passion as she kissed Kris with a feverish intensity. Jenna then let her hands meander back down to Kris’s shorts. She gripped and tugged at the waistband.

Kris stood up and slipped out of her shorts. She wasted no time relieving Jenna of her shorts also. Kris swallowed hard as she took in the sight of Jenna lying on the bed naked. The sound of her heartbeat pounded like thunder in her ears. Jenna’s look penetrated deep into her soul. She could feel the love swirling between the two of them like an invisible mist.

Jenna beckoned Kris back to the bed. “If you want my diagnosis you’re going to have to get a little closer.” She placed her hands behind her head and sized up Kris standing in front of her.

Kris climbed back onto the bed running her hands up Jenna’s smooth legs. “You are gorgeous.”

Jenna rolled her eyes, “Oh, please.”

Kris placed her fingers over Jenna’s lips while her tongue flicked hard against one of Jenna’s nipples. She pressed her thigh firm between Jenna’s legs with enough pressure she could feel how aroused Jenna was.

Jenna wiggled her waist further down to increase the pressure she felt. She turned her head to the side as she gripped the headboard behind her. Kris’s fingers still lingered over her lips, which she parted. She sucked hard on Kris’s fingers while she arched her back. Kris continued to lick and bite Jenna’s nipples with her warm tongue and mouth.

Jenna needed to release the tension that was consuming her senses. She guided Kris’s hand down to her pulsating clitoris. She writhed in pleasure underneath Kris expert touch.

Kris wasted no time. She knew how bad Jenna wanted it. She began with a feathery and slow touch. “Do you like this?”

“Yes. Oh, yes. Just like that.” Jenna pulled on the rails of the headboard so hard she thought they would break at any moment.

“What about this?” Kris increased the pressure but kept her caress gentle.

“Harder. Faster.” Jenna raised her hips to meet Kris’s fingers.

Kris dipped her finger down and brought it back up to Jenna’s clitoris before she quickened her pace. “Oh, you like that don’t you?” She laid down beside Jenna and watched as Jenna’s expression compelled her to finish what she had started.

Instead of answering her, Jenna kissed her hard as her entire body spasmed. Jenna wrapped her thighs tight around Kris’s hand and her kiss became lighter.

Kris broke away from the kiss when she felt Jenna’s hand against her. She pushed it away. “We have too much to do,” Kris declared.

Jenna ignored Kris and kissed her again. She felt Kris melt beneath her.

Kris let her body succumb to Jenna’s seductiveness. She pulled Jenna hard against her as her pelvis found Jenna’s thigh.

“Did someone change their mind?” Jenna questioned with a playful grin.

“You might be able to persuade me,” Kris confessed. She rolled to her other side with her back against Jenna.

Jenna kissed Kris’s shoulder and then her neck as she snuggled up behind her. Her fingers found Kris’s nipples, which had sprang back to attention. “I’ll try my best.”

Kris leaned against Jenna and moved her top leg back resting it over the top of Jenna’s legs. She twisted more until she was almost lying at a forty-five degree angle against Jenna giving Jenna plenty of room to explore.

Jenna’s fingers traced down Kris’s side until they reached the curve of her hip. She watched Kris’s eyes close in anticipation. She rested her chin on Kris’s shoulder and slid two fingers further down until she encountered the sweet honey she desired.

A throaty, “Mmmm,” escaped from Kris. She licked her lips in anticipation.

Jenna’s fingers penetrated Kris and she could feel the ridged walls embrace them. She curled her fingers and stroked Kris’s G-spot causing Kris to gasp. “Oh my…oh, mmmm,” Kris moaned.

Jenna welcomed the rhythm Kris had developed as Kris’s backside bumped against her recovering clitoris. From the look on Kris’s face, no one had ever touched her like this before. “Just relax and go with it.”

Kris’s eyes were now wide open and she tensed up. “But it feels like I have to….”

Jenna spoke before Kris could finish her sentence. “I know, but trust me. It will be okay, just relax.” She positioned her wrist so that it danced against Kris’s clitoris. She felt Kris’s muscles loosen up as her eyes closed again.

They found their rhythm again and Kris submerged herself in the ecstasy she was feeling. A slow crescendo of yearning replaced the weird sensation from before. The air around her felt icy compared to the fever coursing through her body. The heat had started in her groin and fanned out from there. The fire surged until it hit the tips of her toes and the top of her head causing a simultaneous reverberation of her core. Her scalp tingled and her toes curled.

Jenna felt Kris’s vaginal walls begin to spasm against her fingers. She didn’t slow or quicken her movements, but kept a steady pace.

And then it happened. Kris lost complete control. Her body contorted and twisted as all the heat gravitated back down to her pelvis at once and exploded before being extinguished by a tidal wave of moisture leaving her breathless.

She went limp and collapsed with her head propped against Jenna’s chest. She held Jenna’s hand firm against her until the pulsations stopped.

Jenna gave Kris a soft kiss on the lips. “I told you to trust me.”

Kris released the grip she had on Jenna’s hand. “What did you do?”

Jenna chuckled. “I found your G-spot.”

Kris’s eyes narrowed as she gave Jenna a puzzled look. “I thought that was a myth. I’ve never experienced anything like that before.”

“Not everybody has one, and it isn’t in the same place in those that do,” Jenna explained.

“Do you have one?” Kris inquired.

“I guess you’ll have to wait and see.” She brushed Kris’s hair back and kissed her forehead.

Kris shifted pulling Jenna down until Jenna was resting on top of her. “You are such a tease.”

Jenna rested her head on Kris’s chest and pulled the blankets up around them. She looked around the room and sighed. “I forgot about all of the unpacking I have to do.”

Kris tickled Jenna. “Are you joking? What about me? I still have to pack up my things at my place, move everything here, and then unpack too.”

Jenna peeked up at Kris and smiled. “Okay, you win. We’ll go over there and get started today.”

Kris stroked Jenna’s back. “Are there any more surprises planned or did you pretty much cover everything yesterday?”

Jenna sat up and let the covers slide down off her back and shoulders. She stretched her arms above her head and then rubbed her eyes. “No more surprises or secrets.” She looked around the room at all the boxes. “I need to start attacking some of these.”

Kris stood up and slipped back into her clothes before walking over to the suitcase she had packed from her house. She pulled together a quick outfit. “I’m going to take a shower after I brush my teeth.”

Jenna snatched her clothes from the floor and followed Kris to the bathroom. She pulled open the top drawer and pulled out a tube of toothpaste.

Kris laughed as she looked down at the toothpaste Jenna had placed on the counter. It was almost as flat as a sheet of paper and rolled up from the end to squeeze every last bit of toothpaste out. “You are a doctor with a good salary, but you insist on getting every ounce out of that tube.”

Jenna rolled the tube up further as she squeezed the toothpaste out onto her toothbrush and then Kris’s. “Waste is waste.”

Kris kissed the back of Jenna’s neck. She was happy that she was finally getting to know more about Jenna and her quirky traits such as being thrifty.

After brushing her teeth and giving Kris a smack on the ass, Jenna walked back into the bedroom. It was a mess with boxes everywhere. Her mind flashed back to five months ago when Kris first showed her the house. Jenna sat down on the bed and ran her hand over the sheets. What had been only a fantasy before was now her reality. She was beginning the life she had dreamed of for herself, and she couldn’t think of anyone else she would rather be with.

Jenna had managed to get through a few boxes before Kris had finished her shower. She heard the bathroom door open and glanced over her shoulder to find Kris standing in the doorway wearing her robe. Jenna remembered purchasing it a few years ago. She had debated buying it because it was short and a little too sexy for someone single without anyone to wear it for. Looking at it wrapped around Kris, she was glad she did.

Jenna turned to face Kris. The thin light blue material clung to every curve of Kris’s body leaving nothing to the imagination. The silky trim reflected the soft morning sunlight peeking through the window behind Jenna. The fragrance of Kris’s shampoo carried by the steam escaping from the hot shower awakened Jenna’s senses.

Kris was oblivious to the way Jenna was looking at her. She winked at Jenna. “Your turn.”

Jenna strolled towards Kris. “Isn’t that my robe?” Jenna pulled on the strings tied around Kris’s waist.

Kris smiled and grabbed Jenna’s wrists. “Yes, it is.”

Jenna moved in closer until her lips brushed against Kris’s ear. This time she gave a more firm tug on the strings holding the robe together. “Can I have it back please?”

Kris nuzzled her lips against Jenna’s neck. “Right now?”

Jenna ran her fingers along the inside seam across Kris’s chest. Kris’s skin was still warm from the hot shower. She noticed the droplets of water curving a path down between Kris’s breasts. Her hands slid inside the robe and around to Kris’s back. She pulled Kris in tight and pressed her lips against hers.

Kris melted in Jenna’s arms. She didn’t resist Jenna’s caresses. She braced herself against the doorframe as Jenna left a trail of kisses down her neck. Kris moaned as Jenna’s tongue worked over her stiff nipples. She could spend the entire day making love to Jenna, but they both had a lot to get done today. Kris pushed Jenna away and covered herself back up with the robe. She kissed Jenna’s cheek. “We can continue this later, but right now we have to get moving.”

Jenna groaned and grabbed her clothes. She opted for a cold shower instead of a hot one like Kris had taken so she could cool down. Opening up to Kris about her true feelings intensified her passion. Thoughts of Kris consumed her mind. Now, she knew what it felt like to have Kris’s naked body pressed against her. Now, she knew what it was like to have Kris’s lips and tongue exploring every inch of her body. She knew what Kris liked and how her body quivered right before an orgasm.

After a quick shower, Jenna rushed downstairs to find Kris making breakfast. She was glad she had stopped by the store the day before. She came up behind Kris and put her arms around her. She kissed the back of Kris’s neck and drew her close.

Kris turned around still within the grip of Jenna’s arms. “Don’t you get started again.”

Jenna smiled. “I can’t help it. I’ve waited a long time to be able to do this.”

Kris placed her hands on top of Jenna’s and released them from her waist. “I know, but we’ll never get anything done if we keep this up. I promise, if you behave today, I’ll do whatever you want tonight.” She gave Jenna a quick kiss before pushing her away.

“I will hold you to that promise,” Jenna said as she backed away from Kris. She started unpacking a pile of boxes in the kitchen. She tried to conceal her mischievous grin, as she thought about what she wanted to do to Kris that night. Jenna felt like a little kid working towards a prize for doing chores. She couldn’t stop smiling as she continued to imagine all the ways she intended to play with her prize.



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